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Cat And Mouse Game

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Cat And Mouse Game

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X-92451 DISC

Cat And Mouse Game

Cat and mouse game.

Cat and mouse is a fun packed game which all the family can enjoy.

What a feast! Four cheeky mice are scrambling over the huge cheese, climbing up and then sliding down through the holes. They love this tasty treat and collect as many pieces of cheese as possible while avoiding Max the cat.

The object of the game is to collect five pieces of cheese as quickly as possible - without Max sneaking up and attacking.


  • 1 Giant cheese

  • 17 Pieces of cheese

  • 3 Ladders

  • 4 Mice in different colours

  • 1 Max the cat

  • 1 Dice

  • Instructions

Aged: 4 +

Players: 2 - 4

This product would be suitable for sale in toy shops, market stalls and discount shops.

Brand / Category
Crystal Games
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